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Musical Cultures
Discovering our creative roots...

We are inviting young people between 11 and 19 years old on a journey around the world, exploring different cultures and their musical heritage. Together, you will choose the countries that you visit (online) and research the traditional and popular music styles of your chosen destinations. This might be Samba drumming in Brazil, Folk Songs in Hungary or Raga Music in India. You will work with specialist guest musicians to experience and make music in a range of different styles, and discover how they have influenced your own musical interests and creativity when you return home from your travels.

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Performance Opportunities 2021

All venue based events are currently suspended until September 2021

- LAST UPDATED 25.04.21 -

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th October 2021
Leyburn Jazz Festival - Tennants Gardens Rooms. Details to be confirmed.

Saturday 27th November 2021, 7.30pm to Midnight
Fundraising Dinner Dance at The Falls (formerly 'The Motel'), Aysgarth, DL8 3SR
[This event has been rescheduled from Saturday 3rd July]

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Session Dates 2020


April - July 2021
Online activities continue. 7.00-8.00pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Contact us to find out more and arrange a 1-2-1 mentoring session.

Questions and Queries

Some common questions and queries have been received so we thought we would share them here...

My half-term and holidays are different to North Yorkshire Schools - am I excluded?
No, hopefully we can work together so you get the best possible experience from our activities.

I can't make all the dates because of a previous commitment - am I excluded?
No, we know just how busy it gets with school, college, family, part time jobs and we don't want this to be a barrier for you taking part. Talk to us regularly and we will see what we can do to make it work for everyone.

I am auditioning for my Youth Theatre/ School production/ Band so I might be part of another production/ concert at the same time - will this be OK?
Yes, as long as the dates work and you feel you can commit fully to both actvities. These are all great opportunities and we hope you get a lot of enjoyment and experience by taking part. We are happy to have a chat with you so you can make an informed, and inparticial, decision that is right for you.

I am 19 (or older)/ have left school/ work as an apprentice/ study at College/ University - can I still be involved?
Yes, most of our projects run up to age 25yrs and then we have volunteering opportunities and bursary support from our BlueAngels scheme to help where needed. Our aim is to offer cross-generational projects and activities ideal for those learning their craft, looking to gain experience, demonstrate skills for their portfolio or taking part in a hobby they enjoy.

The creative team are flexible in their approach and welcome creative ideas from everyone involved. Our ethos is built on respecting each other and allowing everyone to express themselves. We encourage mentoring and skills sharing and believe we all have something to offer and are never too old to learn and develop new methods and ways of working. 

We already have a family holiday/ school music tour booked and some of the dates clash?
Don't worry, as long as we know the dates we might be able to schedule rehearsals/ performances to work for everyone. You might not be the only person in this position! We will try and be as flexible as possible so contact us first before taking a decision.

What will I get out of being involved?
There are lots of benefits you can get when you take part in a community performing arts activities. Here are a few...

  • An opportunity to work alongside professionals and meet with other like-minded young people from the area who may attend a different school, college or group.

  • A chance to find out whether the performing arts is an area you are interested in and would like to do more by joinging a group of choosing to study.

  • A chance to boost your CV or personal statement by showing activities you are involved with outside of school.

  • A chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification by studying for An Arts Award which can offer UCAS points for entry into university. [Arts Award is very similar to the DofE (Duke of Edinburgh Awards for outdoor activities). Young people identify a new skill to research and learn, volunteer to share and present an artform and present their achievements. Levels include Discover and Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.]

What if I have never performed in public before?
Come along and see if you like it! Some participants might be a member of a drama group, dance school or music ensemble or may never have had the opportunity to take part in a live performance before. We are providing opportunities to come together with other like-minded individuals and work alongside professionals to create high quality and entertaining experience for both performers, audiences and supporters.

I already have my own recording setup and use Ableton Live/ Audition/ Cubase/ Logic/ Protools software, can I still be involved?
Yes, whether your are new to recording and production or have some experience everyone is welcome. Your skills will be invaluable to help all participants get the most out of the sessions and we want to hear and learn from your knowledge and experiences. We know you will get a lot out of the programme as well and it will look great on your personal statement. The choice of software doesn't matter there are lots of similarities and your finished music or individual stems can be imported/ exported from VIP Studio or other software we use in the group sessions so you can continue working outside of the sessions.

Does it cost to take part?
BlueBoxt activities are currently free for those experiencing financial hardship. Our annual membership fee for those who are able to contribute is £90 (less than £1.75 per week) which is made possible by our project funders, BlueAngels supporters, donors and volunteers who support the true cost of running the sessions and the organisation. There may be additional charges from time to time such as exam entry fees or associated costs, but these will be discussed individually as required.

Bursaries are available subject to funding. Applications are made by letter or email and considered in confidence by the Management Committee on a case by case basis. Please ask for further information and guidance, we are more than happy to discuss options with you.

Is it just aimed at amateurs or are their professional opportunities too?
We have the same expectation as if we were working with paid professionals! We expect everyone to be fully commited and work as a team - we have a challenging schedule to keep to meet our performance and project deadlines and always aim to deliver a highly polished and high quality performance for our audiences to enjoy. That said, we know it will be both hard work and demanding but also a very rewarding and enjoyable experience too.

There are also opportunities to be part of our professional touring stage productions. Talk to us if you are interested in all aspects of running and presenting in community arts spaces and profesisonal theatres.

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We're looking for young people aged 11 years and over to join our FREE* information, mentoring and support sessions.


We can offer support with learning an instrument, studying music theory, instrumental grades and music production.

Take part in online study sessions, discussion groups, collaborative recordings and virtual performances.

There are opportunities to study Arts Award (all performing art forms - not just music), instrumental grades and prepare for music theory and music production exams. You can also prepare for a face-2-face instrumental grade or submit an online performance exam entry.

Regular group activity sessions will resume in September or when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

To find out more or register your interest complete the form below.

Yes, we work with children younger than 11 years old.
Yes, we work with adults of all ages and ability.
*Eligibility criteria apply for some activities and associated costs.
A confidential discussion forms part of the discussion process.


Sounds Oft' Dales
Discovering Wensleydale

During November and December 2020 our young creatives age 11 years and over explored their local heritage and identified what is important about the Dales and the hidden treasures where they live. The group are using audio and visual art forms to share their findings. Below are links to their achievements so far.

> Presentation slides sharing more information about the project and what the group have achieved. (PDF)

> Wensleydale Song - ideas to use as an underscore to images, spoken work and song lyrics. (Video)

> Countrystrife - scenes depicting life in the Dales. Draft script read through - Scene 1 - Zoom Call with a Dales Farmer. (Video)

Vox Pop Interviews - finding out what friends and family think about living in Wensleydale.

> Jake's Interview (December 2020) (Video)

> Gabe's Interview (December 2020) (Video)

> Dan's Interview (December 2020) (Video)

> Fred's Interview (December 2020) (Video)

Reverberate, a new initiative by English Heritage’s Shout Out Loud youth engagement programme is supported by Sound Connections and English Heritage, using public funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


Online support is available. Our regular face-to-face group sessions are running again. We are monitoring Government guidance carefully and assessing the risk to our volunteers and participants. We will need your help to make this work and ensure the safety and protection of everyone.

Keep taking regular Lateral Flow Tests and if you think you might have symptoms, or come into contact with someone who has, please get in touch to discuss.

  • PRP Badge
  • PRP Band
  • RPR FEM 2
  • PRP Work Station
  • PRP Boy Guitar
  • PRP Editing

From October 2020...

PLAY > Sessions where you can explore your creative potential and develop social, personal and musical skills. Develop new material and arrangements of popular music, share ideas and gain knowledge of different styles and techniques. Support to learn, progress, excel and celebrate achievements through music-making.

RECORD > We will be trialing a music production programme offering participants the opportunity to learn the essential skills and knowledge to record, produce and share their own music. Sessions will a 'hands-on' experience and cover:

• An introduction to DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and their common features and layouts.

• The basic equipment needed for recording vocals and instruments.

• The main steps for recording individual stems, editing with built in effects and mastering the finished project.

• Explore ways to share your music with others.

Participants will identify individual and/or collaboratively recording projects and work towards creating a radio-ready track (CD, WAV or MP3). You will be encouraged to develop your skills ourtside the main sessions as part of our three recording experiences...

(i) Home studio – We want participants to be inspired to progress in their own time. We will offer support and equipment to those who need it so you can create sound files to use in free software such Garageband or Audacity. Participants will also have access to VIP Studio which offers a cloud-based solution for young creatives to gain practical experience, upload, create, edit and store their work where ever they are with an internet connection.

(ii) Pop-up studio – We will create a portable recording booth complete with digital mixer and laptop to create recordings to share for mixing and editing.

(iii) Professional recording studio – We will schedule time to visit and record at The TRC Music Studio, a community run facility in Barnard Castle.

PERFORM > We will offer opportunities to celebrate and showcase achievements. This could be taking part in concerts, festivals, posting to an online service such as our youtube channel or facebook page or a launch event for family and friends.

As part of our mentoring and support participants will be able to access help with technical set up and use of equipment, feedback on your recordings, copyright and licencing, pathways to further develop skills and career aspirations. Young creatives also have the option to self-study for an Arts Award and RockSchool Music Production, Theory and Instrumental qualification.


BlueBoxt Productions, the voluntary run performing arts organisation based in Wensleydale, are looking for young people aged 11 years and over to join their free online mentoring and support sessions.

Like many voluntary arts organisations, all BlueBoxt activities came to a grinding halt in March when the Government put the country into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular music-making sessions for young people and all professional touring concerts and theatre productions were suspended with no clear prospect of being able to restart for the rest of the year.

As a small organisation relying on volunteers and freelance practitioners to deliver their activities. BlueBoxt also suffered another hard blow. There would be no financial support from Government initiatives that have been announced.

‘We had to suspend all contracts, all our fund-raising activities were cancelled and there is no support available from the Government initiatives.’ says Chairman and Music Leader Colin Bailey. ‘We don’t operate a PAYE scheme, we work in shared office space and community buildings so we don’t have a Business Rates account. We’ve fallen right through the gaps like so many organisations in the sector.’

Support has come from Youth Music, using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, who chose BlueBoxt as one of the recipients of their Emergency Covid-19 funding. The £5,000 grant will allow mentors to keep in touch with young people who are studying from home and looking to develop their skills. The scheme will provide individual and group support using video and telephone conversations. There is provision for those not fortunate to have internet access to help tackle social and digital isolation among young people.

“We want to hear from young people who have an interest in all aspects of music and the performing arts.” says youth leader Dan Harwood, 18yrs. “I really miss not been able to meet friends and perform music. Having access to remote support has really allowed me to keep in touch and progress my music theory and music production skills.”

The scheme can offer support with learning an instrument, music theory and music production. Young people will be able to participate in online study sessions, discussion groups and take part in collaborative recordings and virtual performances. There are opportunities to study Arts Award, instrumental grades, music theory and music production.

Anyone interested in attending the taster session should register in advance.

For more information and registration details contact
Colin Bailey on 07711 211169 or by email at